Lawrence Lucus

About the work

For the development of the Stress Test Boss Fight music, myself and my colleague proceeded with the client to create an adaptive musical track that would develop throughout the boss fight.

Starting with paying close attention to the client’s needs and personal video game influencers for us to be able to achieve a product that was not only correct for the boss fight, but would have personal resonance with the client himself, we were able to demonstrate our professionalism and musical knowledge to the client.

Our main objective was to create three tracks that increased in intensity for each boss phase utilising different genres of music to add to the development and intensity of the music. Myself and my colleague Adam Queenan intended to develop interesting and powerful music not only in texture but in musicality, utilising each other’s different skills to create the best possible product for the client within the timeframe we had. We had a lot of fun doing so, as for both of us music is not just a job we can do, but a passion that we both strive to pursue and spend a great deal of our personal time developing.

Student Bio

As a musician with 20 years’ experience of playing multiple instruments, Confetti has been an invaluable stepping stone in my progression into audio technologies.

I can say without a doubt that the professonalism of the lecturers and high-end equipment have allowed me to develop new skills and interests within this broad topic. I have used the last three years to not only study for my degree but also begin my own projects for when I have finished, including the development of my own games production studio, electronic music alias and audio producer for robotics.

These projects are personal endeavours that I will be working in my own time in pursuit of a career in music and audio for video games, and audio for robotics with influencers such as Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft, Rockstar, Digital Dream Labs, Boston Dynamics, Google and many more.

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